Monday, June 25, 2012

the anti-gratitude list

well, sorta.

My intent here is to do it backward -- that is, piss and moan first -- and then see if I can, as the shrinks call it, "reframe" it.

So, OK. So:

-- I got lied to by TWO people who told me a shot they suggested I get wouldn't hurt like the flu shot or something, even though it was going in a muscle.

-- I am 47. The shot is only recommended for people under 65 in very specific circumstances. I don't smoke and I don't have asthma, which are two of them.

-- I have a clotting disorder. It led me to the ER Friday night for an ultrasound, to be sure all was well in my right calf. Because of the med I have to take, I am limited to Tylenol for a painkiller.

Tylenol sucks. They gave me Oxycontin, or whatever it's called now. It was delightful to drift along in a dreamy, woozy state ....

.... until I woke up the next morning covered head to toe in a huge, red, itchy, hot rash.

Got in today to primary care. Everyone seemed to agree it was a drug interaction. Nobody could agree which drug.

-- They forced me on the scale, of course. I am actually UP a pound from my low, despite shaking up my exercise and all that. I suppose probably it would help if I stopped making regular runs to Dairy Queen, but I make sure I can afford them calorie-wise first.

This means I haven't lost a bleedin' thing besides my mind in somewhere around 2 months.


-- Went to gas station, paid for small bag of ice (I go through a lot of ice). Someone had left the door cracked open and half the ice was melted. I had about half a full bag, less when I got it home. They didn't offer to replace it. I go to this gas station every single day and they know me.

-- Pharmacist and tech both went out of their way to say hi. Pharm knows my name and everything I take by heart. This, I suppose, should make me feel all warm and fuzzy. What it makes me feel is pissed off I take so many meds.

On the positive side, ....

-- the cat still loves me. (Dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.)

-- One of the things the pneumonia shot is recommended for is people with compromised immune systems. Although mine's been just ducky for 6-7 years now, better safe than sorry, I guess. And now I don't need a booster till I'm getting Social Security for retirement instead of disability. ;-)

-- I didn't have a clot. If I had, one of the options would have had to be going in and putting in a filter that would block them from traveling any farther than wherever the filter was placed. Uck.

-- Of the two meds I rely on most heavily, one of them can cause rash. It didn't. (Values for both came back normal.)

If all I'm allergic to is a pain med I take once every 5 years or something, I can dig it.

-- There is no good way to reframe being a pig. Sorry. That one's all on me.

-- Good customer service would have entailed apologizing and finding me some ice that wasn't melted. If this place weren't so convenient, I'd bag it. OTOH -- would that have occurred to me either? You shouldn't be working retail if you aren't a people person, which lord knows I am NOT NOT NOT. Presumably, though, these folks can at least fake it. (I couldn't even do that.)

-- It's nice to have people recognize you and know you, though I can't help but wish it were for a less crappy reason. :-\

So how'd I do?

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