Tuesday, January 13, 2009

things of which I am mega-mondo-mucho tired.

-- spending 3 hours every Tuesday night at the free clinic because they only take walk-ins and it's invariably packed. (It's not that I'm not grateful to have the resource, and all the volunteers are very friendly, kind and helpful. It's just that I never know how much time to budget for sitting there. Plus, the other folks in the waiting room can be kind of scary. Tonight there seemed to be an unusual number of big, hulking guys holding envelopes stamped "RETURN TO JAIL NURSE!")

-- "High" temperatures that are not only below freezing, but below zero.

-- Unemployment.

-- Competing with 16,000 other people in my field who are also out of work.

-- Asshats with degrees in some crap like "American studies" who get the good jobs at the national media outlets, not to mention book deals. Glad I wasted that time and money on a J-degree!

-- High school dropouts who make more per hour than I did with a master's.

-- Freezing. Did I mention freezing?

-- The cost of meds when you lack insurance.

-- Not being able to get insurance because you are "high-risk" in a million ways.

-- The fact that the state will throw zillions of dollars at unemployed, teenage mommies with 18 kids, but none to responsible, hard-working folks who have paid taxes for decades.

k, I'll stop whining now. Just needed to vent.

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Engineering Goddess said...

All I can say is "amen" and I wish that things turn around for you soon.