Sunday, January 25, 2009

why small towns suck, part eleventy-billion

So this morning around 11:30, I'm camped out on the couch under about 900 blankets -- my living room is freezing. I have some tunes on and am happily plowing through the Sunday crossword. And the doorbell rings.

Now. Hardly anyone but my landlady ever comes over here, and she's seen me in everything from my nightshirt (summer) to 3 layers of sweats and socks (today), and she couldn't care less.

Mind you, I had yet to shower, so my hair was a disaster, I still had morning breath, etc. But assuming it was my landlady, I went ahead and opened the door.


The Chippewa Falls city attorney is campaigning for an open circuit court judge seat. Primary's in Feb., election's in April. I interviewed him for his last run, and ran into him at city council meetings and the like.

Remember: Sweats, morning breath, greasy hair, open the door. And there I behold Bob Ferg. Who looks at me and says, "Oh, hi, Candy!"

He split pretty quickly after handing me some campaign lit, so I suspect he was as embarrassed as I was.

I think I've blushed fewer than 5 times in my whole life, but DANG that was humiliating.

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Engineering Goddess said...

Oh gosh - yah I lived in a small town in Kansas for a while and it was quite an eye opener as far as how everyone knew everything about everyone else - or everyone had been married to everyone else. There was no going to the grocery store in obscurity.

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

This is the reason G-d made peepholes in doors my dear.

Total small town empathy. I live in a small town (Ma'aleh Adumim is is a BIG small town, at pop 37,000) in an even smaller neighborhood (~400 families). My kids' teachers are my neighbors. That can be REALLY embarassing in the local grocery. And of course that's why DH LOST in the local city council elections... our neighbors didn't want him to feel bad so they SAID they'd vote for him. But they didn't.

CAC said...

Peepholes are a bit hard to put in steel doors. ;-) I suppose I could have peeked out the window, but I still would have been seen.

CF has a population of 13,500, so you got me beat ;-).