Monday, November 2, 2009

i suppose it had to happen.

-- Someone I know came through my line at Target the other day. At least she already knew I was working there, so it was only mildly humiliating.

-- Yesterday, two harried parents of a fussy toddler came through. Kid's name? Miley.

You know what? Miley isn't even the *original* Miley's real name. (Well, she had it legally changed so now it is, but it's not what was on her original birth certificate.) When that 2-year-old girl is a crabby 80-year-old in the nursing home, how's "Miley" gonna go over? Because Ms. Cyrus's 15 minutes are due to be up any second now, much less in 70-plus years.

This has been a pet peeve of mine for eons with girls' names. (Target story #3: Guy looks at my nametag, which has my nickname on it, and says "Is your name Candace?" I say yes. He grimaces and says, "So is my mom's.")

Seriously, folks. I can't complain about creative and unusual names :-), but I'll crab nonstop about trendy ones. Kids have significantly longer lifespans (hopefully) than dogs. If you wouldn't stick your pet with it, why would you do it to your kid?

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Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

:) I actually have a few friends named Devra. But I have serious peeves against unique names. And her in Israel, it gets complicated. You see, like French and Spanish, Hebrew words have *gender*. And in the past 10-15 years the trend has been to give GIRLS BOY names. I'm not talking about Yonah (Jonah of the bible) which can actually be a girl's name. I'm not even talking about taking a boy's name and making it feminine (Davida or the more acceptable Daniella). I'm talking about traditional boy names that they are giving to girls. Ugh! Drives me nuts. Having said that, know that there are LOTS of men over the past 100 years who were given 'Herzl' as their first name (look it up, the first guy in modern times to talk about a Jewish state). It's actually a staid normal name, these days. In fact, old-fashioned. Names and style. Humph!