Sunday, March 29, 2009

the perils of aging.

-- Music you formerly thought kicked ass, you now find unbearable to listen to. (I'm lookin' at YOU, Pearl Jam, post-"Ten," which is still pretty good.) I dug out "Yield" the other day and I couldn't get through it, when I used to love it.

Happens with books, too -- I thought "Fear of Flying" was the greatest thing I'd ever read when I was 19. Ten years later, I couldn't get through the first chapter.

-- Even if your near vision was really all you had going for you most of your life, at 40-ahem it, too, disappears. I friggin' hate that I have to either slide my glasses (first pair, 3rd grade) halfway down my nose, or put them on top of my head, to be able to read tiny print now.

But the amusing thing here is that on my way home from Menomonie today, I passed a Burger King on the other side of the highway. Apparently they have something now called a "burger shot," which I assume is a White Castle clone (dunno, try to avoid BK).

Yet, when I glanced at the sign, what I saw was "Try a Burger Snot."

Appropriately gross? Perhaps. It just sucks that right as I get my head more or less together, my body goes to hell! Would have been nice to have at least a year where they were both in decent shape at the same time.

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