Monday, March 23, 2009


There's nothing like the smell, look and feel of a vintage book that you have remembered for decades with fondness, then run across again.

These two, plus the Color Kittens and The Story of Zachary Zween, I read till the covers fell off. Anybody else remember them?

I'm waiting for Miss Suzy to arrive, and then I'll have all of them back in my hot little hands again. I wonder what kids of today will remember when they're 40-something. Can you really get attached to a website and remember it forever? :-\

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Engineering Goddess said...

I know when my kids were little I had an affinity to a few Dr. Suess books (Go Dog Go ... "do you like my hat?" "yes I like your hat" "goody bye" "good bye") and my all time fave was Good-Night moon - I remember the bunny slippers in one of the pictures. :)