Tuesday, December 2, 2008

apparently it's the same everywhere, for eternity.

So here I am at dinner, sitting next to two elderly ladies (a whole 'nother post, which I will save for apres-naptime, as I'm running on 2 hours of sleep owing to the Xanax detox). They're pissing and moaning about how their kids owe them money, and how ungrateful their kids are, and that they have plenty of money, just won't part with it.

Gramma 1 to Gramma 2: "He makes pretty good money. He owns almost all his furniture."

There's undoubtedly several pithy comments about relative standards to be made here, but I'm too tired to make them.

I will say that it's times like this I *really* enjoy being a sheep. It's a lot more fun to sit in the corner, largely out of sight, and just listen and enjoy than it is to be forced to be the one doing the conversating, at least for me.

(FWIW, my mother always says that if reincarnation exists, she wants to come back as a cow, because they're allowed to be fat, dumb and lazy. I'll stick with the sheep, myself.)

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