Thursday, December 18, 2008

the sweetest music this side of heaven.

Awww, man, I love Guy Lombardo. Call me sappy, call me what you will, but Milwaukee public television every Saturday night ran a half-hour of the series he had in the '50s. Usually he would have some glamorous, sweet young thing do a song or two, and then the Royal Canadians would do their thing. There would be shots of people dancing, and sitting there chatting, back in the days when going out to dinner was a big deal, so they were all dressed to the teeth, etc. As straight big band music goes, it doesn't get much better than Guy.

I mention this because this afternoon I found, for $1.99, a CD called "Winter Moods with Guy Lombardo." If someone who is better at finding esoteric things on the Web than I can find a DVD of the above-mentioned show, let me know!

Did I mention that Guy, who most folks my age think of as some wizened old geezer, was really quite a suave and handsome devil in his day? So was his brother Carmen, who played in his band and sang now and then. (Carmen on the left, Guy on the right, below)

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