Thursday, December 11, 2008

feeling growly....

I will never understand people who mistreat kids and critters.

I would have given body parts to raise my kid, but he deserved two devoted parents and financial stability. So I made the decision to give him that -- instead of throwing him in a dumpster. (Those stories pop up periodically and absolutely frost me. SO many people are willing and able and eager to raise a child that it baffles me that anyone can consider a living, breathing human disposable.)

I spent about an hour up at the county job center today (their printers work, unlike mine). When I went in, there was a PUPPY -- looked like a beagle, maybe -- strapped in to a child car seat in the back seat. I decided to give the owner the benefit of the doubt and assume he or she would be back shortly.

When I went to leave, an hour later, that poor dog was STILL THERE, alone, in a locked car with all the windows up and no heat, on a day where the temp is 13 degrees.

On my way home (nothing is very far from anything else in CF), I stopped at the PD and reported it. They were going to send an officer out there. I'll have to ask Chris when he reads the reports tomorrow what happened.

One small, small consolation is that the car had MN plates, so at least it wasn't one of ours. ;-) Of course, there's that poor dog in Sheboygan that its owner allowed to stay literally frozen to the Wisconsinites aren't completely blameless, I guess.

What goes through the heads of people who do crap like this? I mean, I'm no PETA freak by any means, but defenseless creatures of any species deserve the same basic kindness as anyone/thing else.

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