Sunday, December 28, 2008


I suppose I shouldn't be, but I am.

There's this new "reality" show called "Ugly Agency." In a nutshell: Three really good-looking babes wander around the streets of NYC, looking for "ugly" people, which so far have included the grossly obese, the former grossly obese who are then asked to get half-naked (better not be self-conscious about stretch marks), and a couple of dwarves, among others. Then they send them on photo shoots, movie auditions, etc, for places that want "characters," otherwise known as "not tall, blonde, thin and beautiful."

You know what's worse? (Besides the fact that I wasted half an hour of my life on this shit, I mean. Curiosity gets the best of me for at least one episode every time, though.) The "chosen" people's reactions were just depressing as hell. They were so excited! Someone thought they were attractive enough to be a model! I kept waiting for one to say "F you, there's nothing wrong with me." But apparently nobody had enough self-esteem to do so.

Every time I think American TV has at LAST scraped the bottom of the barrel, I discover otherwise. I suppose it will take the entertainment version of the current global economic crisis to get it to stop. I'm not convinced that will ever happen. :-\

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Engineering Goddess said...

We've gone from those types of people showing up on Jerry Springer to now being on reality shows. Honestly the things people will come up to put on TV that just don't seem "right" make me run for the Animal Planet channel....