Tuesday, December 23, 2008

le sigh.

It's hard to be all ho-ho-ho and Merry Christmas and stuff when you are an unemployed journo who checks out a freelance writing jobsite to discover that a bunch of newspapers who canned a bunch of FT people this year now are looking for freelancers to fill in the gaps. I mean, Sam Zell is an asshat, and he's destroyed the Tribune Co. and decimated both the LA and Chicago versions. But even with the billion or so he's lost, he's still got billions left -- as opposed to those of us who are living off very meager unemployment checks.

And yeah, the Chicago Trib is one of the places hiring freelancers. If I still lived in Milwaukee, I'd give it a shot, since the two cities are only 90 miles apart. But ain't no way I will ever actually consent to *live* in Chicago -- crowded, dirty, outrageous traffic, and the people are rude as hell.

In the meantime, I'm competing with the other 15,600 or so unemployed journos for any writing job possible. Great odds, huh?

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