Saturday, April 4, 2009

don't fix me 'cause i'm broken...

....i was that way from the start.

Rocco Deluca -- "The Gift"

I don't want to be
Political energy
A constant apology
Or an instrument of hurt
A hammer coming down
To pound and pound and pound
The door to your closet
Is greedy with love

Here's my gift to you
Accept it, accept it
That's all you have to do
Accept it, accept it

Confused, the twilight sings
It looks like diamond rings
The jewels that this hour brings
Throw shadows in the park
Don't wanna waste your time
Or take what isn't mine
Don't fix me cuz i'm broken
I was that way from the start

Here's my gift to you
Accept it, accept it
That's all you have to do
Accept it

Here's my gift to you
Accept it, accept it
That's all you have to do
Accept it, accept it

this and that.....

-- I stopped off for lunch today at a little place I've always wanted to try. It was suitably quaint, and the food was surprisingly good, but I noticed a stack of business cards at the register when I was paying and it caught my attention:


Who knew?

I had heard, long ago, about doggy orthodontia, and I once had a friend whose cat had his own cardiologist. But damn -- talk about niche jobs. ;-)

Which is exactly what I was talking about with my BIL earlier today. We both agreed that we never expected our skills to become obsolete in our lifetimes, then tried to figure out what else we'd be good for besides saying "Ya want fries with that?" And then I came home to a letter from the state dept. of vocational rehabilitation, which helps the disabled of all stripes find gainful employment. They'll pay for retraining, buy you office equipment if it's determined you'd do better working from home, remodel your house for office needs, if necessary, advocate for you with employers, etc.

Sounds great? Sure. Except that I applied in July, was told in Feb. that I was #2,511 on the waiting list, and now, suddenly, am off it -- right as I am in the middle of prepping for a move out of state.

Of course, it's the weekend, so I have to wait (not my strong suit) to find out if the offer is transferable, and how long a waiting list I'd face, again, if yes.

Wouldn't it be lovely if, once I made a decision about what to do next with my life, it actually stayed made? I certainly think so.

One other weird thing -- my caseworker would be the wife of a guy I worked with at the L-T. When we originally met over the summer, she didn't let on to that -- very professional, no "Oh, do you know my husband?" or anything, which was kind of her, I thought, considering what I was there for. And I know it's all confidential, blah blah blah. But it's still a little trippy.

-- Dept. of Unfortunately Named Companies: ASGROW soybeans (say it out loud)

I do love me some edamame, but not if I'm going to have to think of it forevermore as coming from a company called "Ass-Grow." I don't need any help in that area, tyvm. ;-)

(Passed a sign in a field on the way home, if you're wondering how this came up. The lunatic was just driving by, however, and not on the grass. Or soybeans.)

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