Tuesday, April 28, 2009

seen and heard


Seen, in the CD section of Borders, where they break down the music they sell into categories and put big signs over the bins: "Comedy/Wedding Music."

Seen, in the Water Street laundromat parking lot: Some poor fool who had to use clear packing tape to put his front license plate back together, all because the 3 random letters that follow the 3 random numbers (Wisconsin plates are always 123-ABC) said "MEH." Really -- pay the extra $25/year for a personalized one if you really need a license plate that says "MEH."

Heard, at Eau Claire's sole authentic Mexican restaurant, where the food isn't microwaved and the service doesn't suck: Two college wrestlers chatting. I couldn't tell if it was a date -- one of them was either really manic or really nervous -- he wouldn't shut up. And because of that, I got to hear him expound on all sorts of topics. But my favorite was about how this morning, he'd gotten an email from the athletic director, and "there was a word in it I've never seen before. I didn't know athletic directors knew big words."

After he then took a phone call a few minutes later and had to look at the menu to tell someone where to join them, because "I don't know the name of this place," I pretty much gave up. Oh, but not before he described the person who would be joining them as a "nontraditional student -- you know, he's 25 or 26."

Best part (so far) of aging? Being able to slyly smile to myself and think, "My dear, your turn will come." And when it does, I'll graduate from sly smile to full-out belly laugh. ;-)
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