Tuesday, April 14, 2009

reality check.

My preferred grocery store is kitty-corner across the parking lot from the free clinic where I spend the better part of every Tuesday lately (or so it seems. Wait was down a bit tonight, though -- 2.5 hours -- usually 3+).

I have a cold. Will it kill me? Not a chance. Does it make me feel like crap? You betcha. How such tiny little viruses can cause such misery is beyond me. So the whole time I was sitting for 2.5 hours in the clinic, waiting for my 3 minutes with the dr. and my 30-second needle stick and for frickin ever for my meds, I was sitting there saying to myself, "This sucks. I'm freezing, I'm exhausted, I want to go home and go to bed, and I have to sit and sit and sit here."

Finally sprung, I trotted over to Gordy's for a few things. On my way in, there were 2 women in wheelchairs, waiting on the local paratransit van. The driver was unloading another passenger. Apparently he was taking too long for one woman, who started hurling curses at him -- loudly. I thought, "Lady, I pay taxes in this town so YOU can get around FREE anywhere in this county. Quit bitching."

Speck? Meet plank.

I have gotten over the humiliation of having to spend my Tuesday nights with felons and homeless people and the like (not that I think I'm better than they are, just that I never expected to find myself in the position of needing good medical care and essentially being reduced to beggar level). I appreciate the hell out of the fact that every last person involved with this clinic, from receptionists to physicians and everyone in-between, is a volunteer, and that they do this out of the goodness of their hearts and concern for their fellow man. I'm glad it exists as a safety net for those of us who need it. But man, when you're already not feeling well, and you can't just walk into the nearest 24-hr Walgreens, hand over an insurance card and the scripts and have them in 10 minutes so you can go home and go back to bed, you really realize what you're missing.

I think I've said this before, but LORDY this country needs health care reform. Now, please.
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