Tuesday, November 11, 2008

it's snowing, people.

Snowing, as in sticking, as in no wimpy flurries, as in the roads are going to ice over and people are going to freak out because we all temporarily forget from winter to winter how to do this.

Snow -- northern Wisconsin -- kind of expected this time of year. You would think. However, guess who doesn't have a brush? (They come in really handy when you run into the store for 5 minutes and come back out to find a 3-foot drift on the hood of your car.) Guess who can't find her gloves? Guess who has such nasty Swiss cheese brain that she forgets where her trusty Marquette wool cap went 3 seconds after she put it down? Guess whose heat isn't working and whose space heater (brand new out of the box) gave up the ghost after one day's use? I was hoping to avoid having to get my landlady involved, because my place is a dump and she's yelled at me about it before. So off I trotted to my local hardware store. The lovely old gentleman's advice? "Call the energy company."

Thanks, bud.

Blah. Blah, blah, blah.

I did get my flu shot today, so there's something positive. Also, crappy weather is a perfect excuse to huddle under wool blankets and veg, and I do have a nice, shiny new book (2 of them, actually, but one is a present, which may or may not prevent me from reading it first, LOL). But all in all, this sort of thing always comes way sooner than I'm ready for and lasts way longer than I like. Wish I had enough money to be a snowbird!

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Engineering Goddess said...

When I lived in Pheonix, AZ, we had an unusual cold snap and of course in AZ the place didn't have heat at all so I remember turning on the oven and letting the apt. heat up that way. It was a one room apt. so it didn't take long. LOL