Saturday, November 1, 2008


'tards are everywhere, I guess....

First of all, if this isn't a hick name, I don't know what is:

{McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds}

Yeah yeah, Tucker Carlson, but he's also a Republican, and with his last name, it doesn't sound vaguely obscene and born-in-a-barn-ish.

Second, my "overheard in Walmart" moment for the day:

Behind me is one seriously beat-looking couple, as in we're hardcore alcoholics/partakers of herb and nicotine beat, with an approximately 2-year-old girl in the cart. Said girl drops her baby doll on the floor in the frozen food aisle.

(presumptive) father says: "I'm gonna call social services on you for hurting your baby! They're gonna throw you in jail for messing up your baby's face!"

This is going to be a remarkably well-adjusted child. I can just tell. Give her another 15 years and she'll be a fixture in Chippewa County courtrooms....

Third, as I opened my door to get my mail, I saw 3 teens walking down the sidewalk. The one in the middle was on a skateboard. The two on either side had day-glo green casts on one leg: The one on the left had the cast on her left leg, and the one on the right on her right leg.

Somebody please explain the thrill of skateboards to me? It's always struck me as a terribly inefficient method of transport. Also, if I'm going to injure myself or die, I'd rather do it in something enclosed, not open-air.

Quite the interesting day....

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