Saturday, November 29, 2008

to quote the Olsen twins, age 2....

..."How rude."

Seriously. WTF is it with people who, upon seeing someone unfamiliar to them, don't just smile, say hi, and introduce themselves and shake hands?

Yet again in the last few days, instead of doing that, someone said to me upon first meeting, "Who are you?"

I'm not naming the culprit. But it's happened to me with other people who should have known better, such as the CF school district HR person, when she was new and attending her first board meeting. Couple others have done it too.

It's not flattering, folks -- to YOU, not to my ego. Be an adult, or at least follow standard social conventions. They're conventional for a reason.

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Engineering Goddess said...

Who are you? OMG Very tasteless. You're right - something a toddler might say but not a grown adult!