Tuesday, November 4, 2008

no shite

I haven't been this excited about an election since 1992. That was the same kind of deal -- years of being effed by Republicans, with a chance for youth and change.

Of course, I spent Election Night 1984 (my first being able to vote), after having campaigned my butt off for Fritz and Tits, watching returns and sobbing because the American people were so freaking stupid as to re-elect frigging Ronald frigging Reagan. That was the slap-upside-the-head, the-American-people-can-be-farking-idiots moment that has jaded me ever since.

Mostly. :-)

I am the LEAST patriotic sort you will ever meet -- I won't say the pledge of allegiance -- for the last 8 years I have been ashamed of my country. But we have a chance to start digging out of the mess that f*cktard Dubya has got us into and get our credibility and our honor back.

Do the right thing, America.

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