Friday, October 31, 2008

a Halloween question

Why do the fat kids always go as pirates?

I wish I could get out and take a pic, but there is no getting down the main street of Chippewa Falls right now. The downtown businesses have trick or treat hours from 3-5, and then residential hours are 5-7. I am duly prepared, with my blinking ghost headband and my treats (stickers and temp tattoos and pencils this year, all Halloween-themed, natch, since I had to give up candy).

As I came up Bridge Street, I noticed the usual assortment of critters, witches and pumpkins, but the kid who made himself an iPod costume gets my vote for most creative. We'll see if anyone outdoes him.

Meanwhile, last year I had a kid come to the door in full camo, with a BB gun in hand, and instead of trick or treat, he said, "Happy hunting season!"

Only in northwest Wisconsin.

You gotta love it.

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