Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How do you spell idiot?

C - A - N - D - Y, of course! Why? Because she IS one!

Jebus, people. Who else do you know who has ever left her keys in a running car .... TWICE.

The first time it sat for 2.5 hours in front of the South Milwaukee City Hall while I covered a council meeting. (Luckily, South Milwaukee has no crime -- that's all the next burb over, in Cudahy.)

Today after therapy, I went to do laundry. Tried out a nice shiny new place with new machines, overstuffed leather chairs for seating, flat-panel TVs that get more than 1 channel, and free wifi. Oh, and the washers cost $4 to make up for all that, but that's beside the point, of course.

Anyway, hauled in the laundry bag. Went back out to haul in the laptop. Hauled in the laptop, threw the laundry in a washer, threw in the soap, sat down and plugged in the laptop. I am pathological about my keys just because I am an idiot that way, so when I reached into my pocket to make sure they and my cell phone were there -- they weren't.

Which led to the following inside-my-brain dialogue:

OMG, where are my keys?
OMG, I hope I didn't lock the fucking car. I don't have enough cash to pay a locksmith and I didn't bring the credit card.
&^%$#@!!!!!!! -- first 3 doors I tried were LOCKED. Luckily, the right rear wasn't, and I was able to unlock the right front, reach over the 3 feet of trash on the floor (you think I'm kidding, I bet, but it's getting cleaned out tonight) and spy the keys.

But hmm. Why is the CD playing? It's supposed to start up when you start the car and turn off when you turn off the car.

Which would be great, if the frigging car were TURNED OFF.


I guess it's a good thing I don't live in a very high-crime area. But I don't know what one does to cure stupidity.

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Engineering Goddess said...

At least your car did not spontaneously combust while you left it on - that's what happened to my dad but he was in his late 50s. He went to start his car to warm it up (was living in Chicago at the time) and forgot about it. Was reminded when a neighbor knocked on his door to tell him that his car was on FIRE. Oops.

CAC said...

OMG, that is one of my biggest fears, seriously. On my way to work one day in the middle of winter, I saw some poor woman on the side of the highway, standing there sobbing, while flames shot up out of her engine. I felt SO. BAD for her! I'd have stood there and bawled too!