Monday, October 20, 2008

things that just ain't right.

Feel free to add to the list.

-- People/companies that make you jump through a million-billion hoops, get your hopes up, and then tell you "oh, sorry, job's been filled."

Right now I'm just pissed because I just spent half an hour filling out a frigging Internet app for a job that turned out not to exist anymore. But the absolute worst was the time I was interviewing for a job with the Small Business Times or the Milwaukee Biz Journal or one of those. Guy chased me all over hell and gone: left me messages at home, at work, on my cell, "I got your resume and I really want to talk to you." So I got back to him and scheduled an interview.

Got to said interview, he looked over my resume and said, "I interviewed somebody this morning with 14 years of business journalism experience, so that's what you're up against. I think you need another 5 years or so of experience. But let me know if you'd like some contacts in the biz, I know a lot of people."

That, friends -- that just ain't right.


(And yes, I'd be happy to give you his name so you can avoid him!)


Engineering Goddess said...

Where can we send the posse?

CAC said...

LOL -- Steve Jagler at the Small Business Times in MKE. I'm sure my name would mean nothing to him, but the thought of revenge is still nice!