Sunday, October 19, 2008

whee! rollercoasters are fun!!


But enough about that. I have other places to discuss my moods.

I'm just annoyed, again, always, ever, that the only careers that pay jack are the ones I have no talent or interest in. It would be great (I think) to be a doctor, but I'd never pass the math and science. But what's really bugging me right now is that, if I had ANY interest in covering business, I could have had a journalism job the afternoon of the day I got canned. I just can't think of anything more boring to have to learn about. And yet, it's the biz journos who are the only safe ones right now, and everybody wants 10 more of them.


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Engineering Goddess said...

I hear you about business being boring - probably why I have avoided getting an MBA myself even though it would get me a higher "rank" in the company - I don't want to go there if I can help it! Snooze city if you ask me.