Tuesday, October 28, 2008

watching over lucky clover, isn't that bizarre?

Oh, Simon, je t'adore.

Monday (10/27), the one, the only, the formerly HAWT Simon Le Bon turned 50.

I am old. I'm not wearing my trousers rolled yet, but I am old.

Duran Duran was on the cover of Rolling Stone in ... 1984, I think. Thanks to Ebay, I own the issue that changed my life. This huge story about DD had a one-sentence lede: "Simon Le Bon wears blue underpants."

Friends, how could you NOT want to read further?!

So right then and there I dedicated my life to writing killer ledes. It has served me well.

I love you, Simon, even if you did get old and fat like the rest of us. (See "The Reflex" video below, and then a 2008 picture. Sadness.)


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Engineering Goddess said...

And how about that HAIR back then? Who says a mullet wasn't sexy? LOL