Thursday, October 23, 2008

my-my-my-my generation, baby

So I ask you, people -- WTF?

My 79-year-old, batshiat-crazy mother is in near-perfect physical health. Yet so far this year, 43-year-old moi has had 3 friends dx'd with breast cancer, one with thyroid cancer, and I just discovered that a guy I went to HS with had a heart transplant 2 years ago. I had that nasty little bout with bone marrow failure that's left me with a clotting disorder.

Is it genetically modified food? Pesticides? Global warming? WHAT? Why is it that people my age, who *should* be in their peak health and earning years, are dropping like flies instead? Am I just unlucky in my choice of friends, or have we done so many awful things in the name of "science" the last 40 years that we're just happening to be the ones getting screwed first? (BTW, my aplastic anemia was chalked up to a medication that didn't exist 40, 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. Love that FDA and the way they ensure our safety -- it's not like Big Pharma pays them off or anything.)

My generation was the first to get screwed by a lot of things -- huge jump in divorce rate, women entering the workforce in droves (leading to us being the first latchkey kids), socioeconomic/cultural forces that ensured most of us would never achieve the standard of living our parents did -- so I guess it's not a surprise. But MAN, does it suck.

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Engineering Goddess said...

It's hard to say if there is "something in the water" so to speak or if this is just part of being over 40 and our parents went through the same thing with their friends too. It does seem kind of strange that such a large number of our friends are going through medical "issues" though, right? At one time this summer I had about 10 people I was praying for - about have with physical ailments and half with personal issues. Life just sucks sometimes!