Monday, October 6, 2008

Life Lessons, part 1

  1. Never go to the grocery store hungry, particularly if you're on a diet, and especially particularly if you're on a largely sugar-free diet.
  2. Never buy an entire six-pack of a beer you haven't tried at least once.
  3. When job-hunting, keep track of where and to whom you apply.
  4. Never send resumes more than an hour after your regular bedtime, lest you forget what you sent to whom (see #3, above).
You'd think I'd have learned this stuff the first time.

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clairedm said...

Yes, those are excellent life lessons. I always forget not to go to the grocery store hungry! Also, glad to see that your blog is no longer flagged for inappropriate content- what was that about? And Beverly Hills Chihuahua is still #1 in the theaters!

CAC said...

I have no idea!! I think maybe it had something to do with my posting links to what I was listening to when I published each post. Apparently excessive linkage is considered "spam." Who knew?