Thursday, October 30, 2008

why attention to detail is important

Or, why Candy is an idiot, part 3.

I really needed a decent pair of black shoes that didn't hurt my feet. Being old and fat, I'm partial to slip-ons.

At my local Goodwill, I found the perfect pair. At this particular store, every week, a different color tag is half off. So, for example, my shoes had a purple tag, and everything with a purple tag was half off that week.

I picked them up off the rack, saw a little "12" written on the inside sticker, and then a $9.99, and thought, hey! Discounted twice already and now 3 times! It's my lucky day! So I bought them.

I went to attempt to wear them the other day. While I am still fat, I'm not quite as fat as I used to be, and apparently it's possible to lose weight in your feet. (And in my case, at least, in your brain as well.) I could NOT keep these shoes on my feet. There was a TON of room at the back and they kept flapping up every time I walked.

Only later did it occur to me that -- you got it -- the "12" written on the inside was the SIZE. I am, at best, a 9.5.

So pffffft to whatever idiot put size 12 shoes in the size 9-10 section, and a facepalm for myself for not checking.

Oh well -- I suppose it's reason for another trip to Goodwill!

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