Monday, October 27, 2008

why I am an idiot, part 2

So I'm unpacking the last of the stuff I took to and brought from Milwaukee. (Helloooooo, lupini beans! DAMN, I miss Glorioso's.)

Anyway, "just in case," since I didn't have TOO many firm plans, I brought a nice (for me) outfit and shoes -- just in case somebody wanted to take me somewhere besides BK for a meal. ;-) It happened to be the same outfit I wore for a whole 90 minutes last week at a job interview -- a really pretty, deep purple jacket, pink ribbed top and black pants.

As I was hanging up the jacket, I noticed that I had failed to remove the tag to which the extra button is attached. So it had been just sticking out of the back of the thing since I bought it.

I haven't gotten so much as the word "boo" from that company. Imagine that. I'm sure they're thinking "geeze, if she can't even yank a tag off a jacket, she must really suck at details." Which I do, kinda, depending on the situation.


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