Wednesday, October 15, 2008

tell me, please....

If you're reading my blog, then you probably know me, because I didn't give out the addy to just anyone and I really doubt it will turn up in a Google search for fascinating, insightful blogs.

So it stands to follow that you probably know that, personality-wise, I would make a tremendously bad salesperson.

Tell me, then: WHY, when I post my resume on a large, nonspecific job board (I'm looking at YOU, Monster and Hotjobs), do I *only* get uninvited solicitations to apply for a job as a salesperson? Is there a keyword in my resume that some computer picks up on and says "Hey! Somebody with 15 years as a professional writer and editor would make a terrific salesperson!"? Or, "Hey! Somebody with an advanced degree isn't so geeky that he or she wouldn't be able to walk in on people, unsolicited, and convince them to buy crap they don't need"? What IS it, I ask you? Besides frustrating, I mean.


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