Tuesday, February 24, 2009

more (mostly health-related) randomness.

-- Medical office waiting rooms are among the best places in the world to get sick.

-- Second to that is being exposed to someone who deals with the public on a fairly intimate basis and decides to come to work hacking and sniffling. (I'm looking at YOU, Ms. Haircutter!)

-- Why must people insist there's a difference between "tenacious" and "stubborn"? It annoys people no matter what you call it.

-- Why is it that physicians almost universally have won the genetic lottery as well? Isn't it enough they got all the brains?

-- Four words: HEALTH. CARE. REFORM. NOW. Try getting timely access to rather important care when you have no insurance. I've been walking around for the last week with an INR (blood thinner level) of NINE, which is "your blood has the consistency of water and can't be stopped if you cut yourself or fall, causing internal injuries, so just don't get out of bed."

I found this out on Thursday and was told to stop taking the med and come back today to get retested. (The free clinic is only open on Tuesday nights.)

But, there's no way to process it onsite, so they won't have results probably before Thursday again. And while uber-thin blood is a bad idea, do you really want someone who's had 4 clots to be off meds for a week? At this point, I'm guessing my level will come back too low.

I suppose I should be grateful I have the opportunity to have this checked at all, and I am. But DAMN it was a lot easier when I could go to a clinic open 8-5 and have them call me an hour later with results and dosage adjustments.

Hasn't been a good medical day. Pissed off my therapist, too. ;-)

-- What do you imagine the parents who named their son "Keno" must have been like?

Honestly: Keno?!

Maybe he was conceived in Vegas, who knows. But that's a helluva thing to saddle a kid with forever.

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Engineering Goddess said...

At least Keno wasn't named "Yahtzee!"