Monday, February 2, 2009

the things we do for fashion.

I owned these shoes, around the same time of this photo (late 1970s, I'd say). Except....except....oh, I can hardly bear to say it....mine were BROWN. As in, coffee-with-lots-of-cream brown and a poo-brown "swoosh." They were the coolest thing ever, and my dad bitched nonstop at Foot Locker about paying $40 for a pair of shoes. (Lucky for Dad, by the time Air Jordans came out, I was buying my own shoes....;-)

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Engineering Goddess said...

I had two pairs of these. The first pair I wore to the ground. So then I got a second pair - we went rollerskating and I went back to find them and they were STOLEN. Who steals freakin' shoes from a kid who is rollerskating? Needless to say my dad came and got me and drove me home - I was furious with him for making me leave early!!