Wednesday, February 4, 2009

more typing out loud

So earlier tonight I watched this Lou Grant episode where he finds out he has thyroid cancer and has to get his thyroid taken out. There has been a lot of chatter on the industry blogs lately about this show, mostly of the "geeze, remember the good ol' days?" variety, and I had to think the same thing after seeing this one.

Specifically, the part where Mrs. Pynchon (the owner/publisher, based not-at-all loosely on Kay Graham, former owner/publisher of the Washington Post) came to Lou's office to ask how he was feeling about the upcoming surgery made me sad. She told him that anything she or the newspaper had that he needed was his, and gave him a hug.

I can't see that happening today. Lord knows it's the opposite of my most recent experience. I think compassion in newspapers went out the window when big corporations came in. Now they've run both the papers and the people into the ground, and everybody's a loser. It sucks.

I did have to laugh about how everybody in the whole newsroom found out Lou's test results in nothing flat, though. HIPAA regulations today wouldn't allow for that!

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