Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a tip for the medical types

Add me to the roster of the "stuck with drs. who don't give a shiat" club.

I understand -- really and truly, having been horribly overworked for years -- that when you put in a min. of an 8 hr day at your real job and then go give 4 hrs on top of that to poor people for free, that you might be tired by the end of the day. But dammit -- be nice to people anyway! Folks get whiny when they don't feel good. You should have figured that out in med school.

"I've been puking and (same thing from the other end) since 5 this morning (it's 8 pm)."

"You're fine."

"My glucometer broke and I haven't been able to check my sugars all day."

(Nurse did it before he saw me) -- "162, not that bad."

"I slammed my finger in the garage door. Look at that pretty shade of black."

"Nothing I can do about that. You're fine."

"Shouldn't I get my INR checked?"

"It's fine. Here's some Imodium. Dial back on the metformin for a couple days and stay hydrated. Bye."

Now, I also understand that lately I have been sucking up a lot of this clinic's resources and they undoubtedly are tired of seeing me every week. And I'm sure he wanted to go home. But dammit -- all I want is 1) to be taken care of and 2) to be taken seriously.


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