Saturday, February 7, 2009

seen and heard, part 2

Well, I guess the only "heard" part was my chuckling.

--Only in northern Wisconsin: Guy had some sort of critter tail -- a raccoon, I think -- and two paws tied to the antenna of his truck. I am here to tell you they were NOT fake. I won't tell you how I know the butt end of the critter wasn't fake unless you ask, 'cause it's kinda gross.

--Grocery store parking lot: Next to a spot with a sign that said "parking for senior citizens only," there was one that said "parking for expectant mothers only." It was literally twice the width of a normal parking spot. I wasn't sure whether to be offended, so I chose to laugh, but then I got to thinking: People in wheelchairs and stuff have all kinds of paraphernalia to contend with, and handicapped spots are always just the normal-sized ones nearest the door. Why is the grocery store singling out women who already feel like whales?

I have camera-phone pix of both, but have to figure out how to upload them.

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